29 Nov 2009

New shoes!

As well as making more bird bags for my shop, I have been making shoes this weekend.
slipper shoes/room shoes I wanted some for me but also as possible xmas presents for a few people, the pattern was from etsy it was really easy and clear and they have turned out very nice if I dont say so myself! i have cut out 2 more in differnt fabrics to make ASAP xxx


  1. those shoes are delightful, very cosy. Would look great with some red and white stripey tights methinks!!
    thanks so much for visiting my blog, your little birds are just gorgeous x

  2. thanks suzie, your blog inspired me today xxx
    The tights sound like just the thing xxx

  3. these are beautiful! i need some.

  4. thanks poppyart, the pattern is available on etsy really nice and simple, ive made 4 more pairs in the last few nights for xmas gifts, love your blg by the way, will keep watching xx jenny


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