8 Dec 2009

Marmalade troubles

I had such a good idea (or so I thourght) to make marmalade for xmas presents, and all seems to be going wrong!!! Im on to my second batch and its still not right.
the last batch was boiled for what seems like forever, didnt set quite right and is very dark and strong.
this batch is very light and really runny!!!!!
from online research I realize that normal oranges are quite low in pectin (this batch didnt have may pips!!!! and thats where the pectin is) Ive done all the muslin bag squeezing etc but i now think there just isnt enough pectin to set! Ive put it back on to boil with an extra lemon in and pips in bag so we will see, but Im thinking of giving up and making pickled things instead.
That means I'll have about 22 jars of runny marmalade to get through this year!!! Delias marmalade bread and butter pudding may get a little dull after its 10th making!!


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