28 Dec 2009

Review of 2009

1. tweet, 2. basket of eggs - youngsters series, 3. basket of birds - youngsters series, 4. hunting owl - youngsters series, 5. huntsmens chorus, 6. wagtaills landscape, 7. bird on a wire, 8. bucket of eggs sketch, 9. New baby final, 10. Nesting, 11. Bird in hand, 12. Wren pages, 13. made up bird on text, 14. Drying prints, 15. girl bird kneeling, 16. newspaper sketch, 17. bird bath final, 18. dolls raw, 19. big bird, 20. crouching bird, 21. sketch, 22. Mother & Child 3, 23. Mother & Child 2, 24. painted piggy back, 25. Proud Mums, 26. Bird doll with dress, 27. Proud couple, 28. basket of birds, 29. nightingale head, 30. bride heads, 31. stiched bird brides, 32. bird in hand skectch, 33. drying prints, 34. test bird head, 35. Test bird heads, 36. birds on wire

Inspired by Cathy’s end of year mosaic I have compiled my own, I was feeling the need to reflect on my work ready to move forward into the New Year. Thanks to Cathy for great inspiration and a fantastic link into the wonderful world of Flickr.
Over the last few months I have been more productive than in 10 years, It has been exciting to explore ideas quickly for a change. I am still struggling to except that I work better on mixed media pieces and I need to let go my obsession with painting as an exclusive medium and develop ideas and techniques further.
New year plan
 2010 to be the year of direction.
Daily sketches, Focused on the figure and scenarios.
More sewing, developing ideas and small projects
Collaboration with Claire Pickles on a textiles project……watch this space.
Continue to do what ever takes my fancy!
Maybe try to sell a little more so as to fund my projects (but not get stressed about it!)
It has been a great year for me in many ways, but certainly creatively its been the best for a very long time, more of this please, roll on 2010 xxx


  1. Jenny
    I thought of you at the Angels of Anarchy exhibition (at Manchester City Art Gallery until 10th Jan) - full of wierd and wonderful women, angels, still life, rock faces and feathered friends
    have a fulfiling 2010

  2. we were there on wednesday! also thought of me some bird headed ladies there!
    back at ya with the great 2010 xxx


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