8 Jan 2010

the first of my daily drawing posts

 Here is the first of my weekly posts with 6 selected drawings from this weeks daily drawing practice!
Ive decided to just share 6 each week
A- because it looks nice like this
B- because it gives me the freedom to do more than one a day or none if i cant get to a piece of paper!
C- its a nice way to review work at the end of the week and showing them together like this may mean i see links i wasn't aware of !
all shots were taken in different lighting states but i don't mind, its quite interesting to see how they look next to each other.
I am defiantly trying to look at human figures as well as my bird love, I want to really push my style and free up my creative juices, so I stop worrying whether or not it looks like a person or if its something my school art teacher would like !!!!! because thats not always a good thing!
Im very happy with this weeks progress, roll on the next 51 weeks!! xxxx


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