27 Jan 2010

New card prints in my shops

Feeling guilty today for not bringing any money into the house at the moment, its not really necessary but it always helps doesnt it! I have no plans to go back to work just yet but needed to spend the day producing sellable art just to appiese the guilt gods!
I made a load of cards out of the lino cuts I made earlier last year, Just printing simply in black on white card, I think they look OK, I hope someone else does and buys a few.

I also printed up the guilty pleasure I made for a friend last year, hoping that some twilight fans like linocuts too!!

Ive put them all in both my ETSY and FOLKSY shops check them out and pass it on if you know anyone who might be interested.
 On another note I've may have had a break through on the painting front, started layering up the canvases with some background bits and plan to paint over it with the compositions I had come up with, starting on a non blank canvas seems like a good plan.......


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