9 Feb 2010

finally started

I have finally decided how these works should exist!!! i did start painting them in oils, and may finish at least one off for practice, but it never sat right with me, the compositions and ideas excited me but the medium did not for some reason!
I have been doing all these embroidered pieces and not really understanding how they should be displayed, finally the 2 problems came together in my mind to lead me to the idea of making a larger embroidered drawing, layered with the naturally dyed fabrics Ive been creating, and stretch the finished piece over a frame so it looks like a stretched canvas! perfect way of displaying work and a perfect marriage of mediums for the content of the work!!!! Im pleased with the part Ive done so far, (this piece has another figure behind her left shoulder) really love the look of line drawing with stitch.
will post when nearer completion.
A weight has lifted from my shoulders, for now !
in the words of Hannibal "I love it when a plan comes together!"


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