22 Feb 2010

following in my foot steps!

My lovely daughter surprised me yesterday! she has never shown much interest in the sewing machine or and sewing at all really even though my stuff is always all over the house, but yesterday she asked if she could learn to use it one day (inspired I think by her young aunty who who has just been taught at school, thanks Mabel!)
I jumped at the opportunity and suggested we start right away! we decided on a peg bag  (as I needed one!)
As we started I was explaining the different pattern pieces she would need, she really didn't seem to get it and I worried it would be another disastrous teaching experience for me and Jesse, but I backed off and asked her to re explain to me what she had to do and she had got it all! I let her use the iron for the first time to press seams , she was very careful and controlled, and with the sewing machine....she was excellent! great foot control and turned the fabric perfectly round the corner! I was oozzzzing with pride. within 10 minutes she had a perfect finished peg bag! and she was saying what can i make next!!! (tear of pride in eye!)
only problem now is I think we may be fighting for the machine!


Thanks for stopping by xx