12 Feb 2010

new brooches

Two new embroideries! I wanted to make something with the embroidery Ive been doing that was easy to sell/ give as gifts. Im really happy with the result, I love the scribbles of thread to block in the birds.
Ive got a few more planned for weekend, I will try a few more flocks, I love the jumble of birds but I may also try some lone birds and I feel a change brewing.......Ive been thinking more and more about insects!! I may have to explore an old love of all things crawly and small but definatly not creepy!

I am going to put brooches in my etsy shop for weekend and see if there's any interest check out my shop and pass along to anyone you think may be interested http://www.etsy.com/shop/jennymccabe

A little behind with my daily drawings this week so may not post till tomorrow but I will try later when kids all settled 

Half term next week!!!!!!!!! I always dread them, not because  I dont love spending time with my family, but its just hard work with everyone out of routine and ( under my feet!!) there I said it, maybe now Ive admitted it the week wont be so bad!


  1. these are wonderful and I agree, I love the scribbles with thread.

  2. Just found your blog and I love the bird images you are producing-in thread and in print. And you are using one of my earliest favourite books in the top picture. Lovely work Jenny.

  3. Just found your blog via Twitter MrXstitch. Your birds are amazing.

  4. thanks loads everyone for looking xx


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