11 Mar 2010

Flock of Owls

Continuing the Owl theme, Here is my Flock of Eagle Owls!
quite a large piece for me about 9x7" I will put n my shop later tonight. I have on the go a flock of mixed owls same sort of size, will post when theres anything to show!

This week my life outside my art is all about being a proactive/pushy parent for me! really trying to sort out any club or interest either of my children has ever shown an interest in! also Joes school for September! we have a place at the local primary school but Ive been wanting the impossible and trying to get him a place at an amazing school in the country side just a little outside of our town, keep all fingers and toes crossed for us, we had a very positive meeting with the head and now just have to wait to see if there's any movement with people excepting and not excepting their offered places....Just booked Jesse a place at Camp Quest for the summer in an attempt to provide her mind opening experiences, she was born a little philosopher and we wonder if the week may signpost her to ways she could explore that either as future studies or just for fun!
All feels a bit scary trying to make the right choices for your children when A- there are so many choices and B- its such a responsibility! what if we get it wrong......and breath.....rant over....till next time.


  1. It's strange to think of raising kids today - yes, the world seems to require more preparation - and my understanding is that the state schools in the U.K. are not what they were (my nephews are there). However, sometimes it seems to me that an inappropriate moral burden is placed on parents - that is, regular feeding and airing and reading aloud when they're litle, administered with love, is probably more important than anything else (mind you, all theory on my part). Best of luck with you plans for your kids, in the sense of giving them something extra.

  2. Just found your blog (via ArtSpark) and read it all! Wow, love your artwork, especially your latest owls. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. love these owls! esp the brown colour that goes with the black frame :)


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