18 Mar 2010

Highgate adventures

I have been away on an exciting city adventure, where the streets are paved with gold....London town!
Ive been to visit my very dear friend Helen. we had some adventures yesterday visiting some of the more obscure London gems (more of that tomorrow when I have some energy to write more)
Today I  went alone to somewhere Ive always wanted to visit, Highgate cemetery a fantastic Victorian cemetery  in north London
 It was so beautiful, nature is engulfing the beautiful yet formidable Victorian structures, I sat for a while in the quite sunshine just listening to the birds admiring the jumble of structures and vegetation, when out from behind a grave popped a startled fox, we stared at each other for a bit and then he disappeared off into the bushes. a real  magical experience.
I will ramble on more tomorrow with links to some more amazing sights!!


  1. One always expects the animal might open its mouth and speak in situations of that sort. There's a huge old cemetery near me - the richest people have the grandest monuments with hill views.

  2. Your so right, but what might he have said? I always imagine they are a bit miffed that we are in their space "oh god there a bloody human again!" I wish he had spoken to me xx

  3. You are so lucky to have a friend in London! I wish I had friends in interesting places so i could go visit :)

  4. CA - you say Im lucky ! you live near the coolest place on earth to us arty types outside the USA, Portland Oregon! but its all relative isnt it, we only live 3 hrs away from London but very rarely go there.....at least it still remains exciting when we do go! If you ever fancy the Lake district in England you got friends here x

  5. oh, i love Highgate cemetery! haven't been there in years. how jealous am i!


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