7 Mar 2010

weekly drawing 5th march

This weeks drawing a little later than planned sorry.
This is the first in what may turn into an interesting series of images, a friend of mine works ringing birds (not sure who he works for I presume the RSPB but maybe not) They observe the birds then catch them and ring them recording all the details! They photograph the birds whilst in hand just as evidence but I think they make the most interesting pictures, I have lots of his pictures now and he has pointed me to a few websites where ringers upload pics so I can keep looking for interesting ones! In this sketch I really liked for the huge hands, I haven't exaggerated them, the man ringing is a very big boy and I love the big fingers next to the tint delicate bird!

Ive been very busy this week with loads of sewing, will post pictures at the beginning of next week, they work really well as a whole so I wanted to wait till they were all done to photograph.



  1. oh yes, great idea for a project! and great sketch too! x


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