5 Apr 2010

sketches in stitch!

Whilst playing with the dolls heads, testing out ideas I started this little piece, only on a scrap of canvas, mainly trying out a face but the owls just extended from her and I kept going.
 Its not one of my favorites but I love how it just appeared without me really intending it to!

Ive been doing some sketches for some Owl - lady hybrids this weekend, I think the dolls may end up being experiments in this way, I will photograph sketchbook pages when its light and share my plans tomorrow.
My family are going away for a few days to see the in laws at the end of the week so Im looking forward to a bit of uninterrupted making!!! how very exciting x


  1. Like all the eyes in this piece. Lots and lots of stares
    Also good that lady has different eyes. Ted Neely/David Bowie etc

  2. I hadnt noticed how different her eyes were!
    loving mr neelys funky jesus christ superstar nonsense - Could Mohammed move a mountain, or was that just PR?

  3. I like the texture on the owls :)

  4. Realy nice work all round, love the owls. Have a lovely few days happily creating in peace.

  5. lovely~ i think sometimes making things "spontaneous" is better than planned :))

  6. thanks guys, I think your right about spontaneous works! very little planning goes into what I do but when things just "happen" you realise how much subconscious planning is going on in the other works.
    I really wish I could free up much more so these spontaneous works could happen more often.
    maybe that will come when i have a bit more time?


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