11 Aug 2010

Moth winner

And the winner is........

Sonia from cozyhomemaking !  I'm so pleased for her I love her blog and work, everyone go take a look, shes an inspiration xxxx
Thanks everyone for showing an interest, I have a few more Mothy ideas floating around, half term is slowing down production some what! Ill keep you posted if and creative moments happen in the near future. xxxx


  1. ohlala, Jenny, thank you SO much ! I am so very lucky !! (thank you for the shout out & kindest words too ! you are a sweetheart ! -and an inspiration yourself !!-)
    have a most wonderful day, thank you again from the bottom of my heart ! xoxoxo

  2. so glad to send you something! I love these giveaways I find it so exciting!!! I will pop in post asap xxx
    Thanks again to everyone else who entered xxx

  3. Oh congratulations! Lucky Sonia!


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