7 Nov 2010


I spent a wonderful few hours this week in my local antique centre browsing through old postcards!
I went especially to find some gems, but I wasn't interested so much in the fronts of the postcards but the backs with handwritten messages and addresses.
I wasnt dissapointed there were hundreds of them all with such beautiful hand writting on them and wonderful gentle phrasing. I spent ages reading them, dipping into other poeples past lives
'Dear Reg , I hope you are in the pink!'
'wouldn't you rather be strolling on the prom'
'many thanks for your letter'
'to greet you on your birthday'
and the names....Reg , Ethel, Noreen....fabulous
once I got the few I choosen (for now) home, I started scanning them as I have an imediate idea for my screen printing business but I have a feeling they are going to be used in many ways.
Whilst I was scanning them and looking in more detail at the asthetic of them I started noticing the post dates! the oldest is dated 1905!!!!!! that makes it 105 years old!!!! this bowled me over...I find it so powerful, holding somthing that old, somthing so personal it feels like a direct link back to that time.
I will show you how the screen printed ones turn out in the next few days! Im hoping to print  them onto really light fabrics maybe even reuse an old nightie or dress, little floaty windows into another time.

another interview coming later this week with Elisabeth Omdahl - check out her amazing prints


  1. I love reading them and beautiful handwriting. Back then people sent postcards and short letters like we send emails & text messages. I have one which says "Dear Flo can you come out with me tomorrow...." efficient and regular postal service!

  2. Hey Jenny, I can't wait to see what you are going to do with these postcards, your ideas sound wonderful.
    I have two letters from uncles who fought in the first world war "for King and country" they are so patriotic and the phrasing from that era is wonderful.
    We should all right more letters I think.


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