29 Jun 2011

Cross over

Hi all - I am struggling at the moment - Im producing far to much to quickly and I cant keep up with myself! Im tending to destroy stuff thats not working before Ive really figured out whats not working!
the crossover between my artwork and my printshop is complete!!!! they are now one! which is making it difficult to be objective about work designed to sell and my soul poured into artwork!!!!!!!

I figure I can only go with the flow and see where it leads me. above is a tiny glimpse into my sketchbook and one of my finished designs and items.......more birds are flowing out of print shop, moving towards some work with Hawks very soon  (I will report soon theres a whole exciting story there!!!!) for now sticking with the small birds as they are nearly out my system for a moment- there are also some moths floating back into my mind

if you havent already do take a look at and follow/favorite my print shop and blog - really need to redesign both very soon but to many ideas to get on with and make first - at least then ill have loads of new images to play with xxxxx


  1. oh, the bag is very nice. but please don't say you destroy things before they're finished!! tho' in a way i can relate. i have trouble getting them out of my head at all these days. looking forward to seeing more of your marvelous moths.

  2. Thinking time is really important, isn't it? I have trouble persuading my husband that drinking tea and staring at a painting is work. And crucial work at that - especially when I move to turn it upside down!

  3. I have a pic of myself & Margie, sporting your bird bag, I need to send it to you !

  4. oh please send me pic of bag in Canada! so exciting I feel like a piece of me went on the trip xxxx


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