8 Dec 2011

will you have me back???

Its been months so sorry! Im finding it hard to do proper blogging at the moment! micro blogging on Facebook and twitter seems to be working better for me , but I miss trying to compose a full post with many pics and discussing ideas and process!
I miss my follwers and all the lovely work going on over here that Im out of touch with!
Im thinking of trying to come back regularly but I need to do such a catch up its daunting !
where to start????
ok Ill start with my new pigeon!

These babies have been a real hit in my new etsy shop they have also been featured in Babiekins magazine
ok Ive started! now to find time for a complete redesign of the whole blog and to set a regular time to post!!! I so want to come back.....thats if you'll have me .
all the best


  1. Of course we'll have you back Jenny.........you have been missed and I was just wondering yesterday what you were up to as I looked at my blog list.

    Obviously Twitter and FB are good tools for artists so it's understandable that you use them. Blog posting can take quite a bit of time, but I love your work and find your posts interesting and inspiring.........

    Hope you can find your blog mojo again and your pigeons are wonderful. Congrats on making it into Babiekins.

    Claire :}

  2. I am here ! (and there !) and will always be !
    Keep the hard & great work my friend !


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