5 Jan 2012

Stitch in time

New ideas brewing again. Im working on designs for new items as well as new designs, but this little gem has been dying to get out of my head for weeks.
I think its nearly ready to get onto a screen but lack of cash may dictate the timescale before its ready to share as a finished print.
Based on knitted stitches, its going to be a very simple repeat pattern, simplifying the stitches down to leaf shaped blobs with rows of differing thicknesses. I would like to try printing a very similar shade to the fabric so its only just noticable but we will see what works when i can get printing.
above is a sneaky peak into my sketch book, the design is peaking out from under the knitting itself.
till next time xxx


  1. Ooh lovely! Can't wait to see the finished print! Soo many things I want in this fabric! :)
    x x x

  2. Im thinking a checky scarf to start with ...then every bag design I can make....then I move into the world of ipad cases!!!! xxxx Im like a kid let loose with the stampers...everything must be marked

  3. ooooh I love love this already ! You've been so creative !
    Ipad cases, yeepie !! can't wait !
    good job, girl !


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