8 Mar 2013

Prototyping new bag shapes

Ive been working very hard over the last few weeks to get some new bags shapes designed and perfected! soooo much harder than you think. I have gone through about 5 different variations of the shape I wanted- so many things to consider- looks good, useful shape, strong, works!, affordable hardware, easy repeatable construction, lining fabric, handle material, care, packaging.......and I'm sure there was more but that gives you an idea of whats been rushing around in my brain.
Im really happy now with what Ive come up with, very simple shapes and simple is so hard to do.

Im a practical girl at heart and have struggled for a while with the fact my bags arnt water proof- while im not ready to have my fabric produced as oilcloth yet I am so happy to have found a really great waxed canvas I can use as the base of these bags, making them more durable in an everyday way.

The day bag- a tall bag with sturdy wax bottom and long leather handles, hidden zipper top for extra security. these will soon be avalible in all my current print designs.
 Cross body shoulder bag- waxy bottom and hidden zip top with long adjustable straps.
Bucket handbag- cute little bucket shaped bag with waxy bottom and leather handles and hidden zip top. also avalible very soon in all my current print patterns.

Im so pleased with these new shapes, next week Im going to start production as I have a few stockists waiting now! 

I have a big mothers day post to do this weekend! (book launch giveaway!) so come back soon to take a peek


  1. You have been working super hard, lady
    looking forward to seeing all the new products in your shop !


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