6 Mar 2014

The handprinted home

 It here! after another years hard work my second book is finally out. The Handprinted Home, published by Cico books. Filled with 35 project to print and sew. Lots of easy ideas and challenges.
One of my favorites is this full apron pattern, I love the shape of the apron and that huge leaf print is just to satisfying, made with an easy paper stencil and screen.
 Im a sucker for a pipped edge, this bolster cushion is very neat and so easy to make!
Its a very strange feeling having 2 books published! I'm very proud but also frustrated as there is some much I'd do differently for each book- but that's artists for you - as soon as we have finished an idea we move on and find ways to do it even better- never satisfied! The process of writing a book is very intense, with a few months of major Research, development and activity, then it eases off with a few more months of editing, emails going back and forth between the editor and me wrestling the projects into shape, then it all goes very quite while the illustrator works from my sketches and diagrams to draw the beautiful pictures. then silents for months - I move on, I have new ideas, I make new work, all of a sudden there's a finished book and its out for all to buy! ARGHH!
I really hope people enjoy it, theres so much in it readers will be able to find some projects the love Im sure. I have grand plans for an exciting event early this summer to launch this book and celebrate all things hand printing...........watch this space xxx


Thanks for stopping by xx