16 Jul 2014

Make art

Inspired by my favorite artist Andy Warhol and my new found love of messy, energetic, playful handwriting I have made a new print. I adore the words in the quote and should remember them everyday, I felt they would make an excellent addition to any artist or crafters making space, and using Andys favored method of screen printing to reproduce the prints feels very apt.
Avalible to buy as an A2 print form my online shop. www.cooandco.co.uk

I also discovered this amazing project the other day
Designers working with homeless people to create fonts form their unique hand writing - to sell and raise money to help tackle homelessness - their video is beautiful and the fonts are available to buy on the website.

For now that is all, but ill be back soon, I have lots of screen printing things to share over the summer and a program of workshops booked in for the autumn - more news to follow soon! but for now go and make even more art!


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