2 Oct 2009

New studio and feeling poorly

This week had the potential to be a complete right off!
I was planning to be the most productive Ive been in 3 years now Joe is at Nursery every morning, BUT on Sunday night Joe, who was all snively and coldy, sneezed right in my face.....errrggghhh, I knew straight away I was going to wake up with a cold, and I did, a really nasty one!!
Monday and Tuesday spent on sofa feeling very sorry for myself, then I remembered drugs! and started dosing myself up with cold remedies in order to function and not lose all of the first week of creative freedom.
My original plan for this week was to make myself a new studio space!
We moved into this house 2 years ago, its a small house so a studio space was never high on the list, I selflessly had decided I work out of a cupboard and on the dinning table, which up until now has been fine. We have a lovely small extension on the back of our house which we have always called our snook, it had a small sofa in and a trunk as coffee table, it is a lovely space to sit in and has amazing light. But now I need a space to work the sofa will have to go, it can still be a place to sit and the light will be a bonus to my working space,I have used a shelving unit from the living room on its side as storage/desk!! its perfect! now I can work and not have to put it all away at tea time !

Im now hoping as I have a space to work and time to work Im going to be super productive!!!
xx jenny


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