17 Dec 2009

Christmas tree up!

the tree is up and the christmas eagle is back!
Its alway a nice surprise to see him every year, stuffed in the xmas box along with the last 12 years worth of home made decorations. This year we have been selective with what goes on the tree and left some of the more dog eared bits in the box, but there was no way that the eagle was not going on top of the tree.
My daughter Jesse made him 6 years ago, when she was just 6 years old, hes based on a golden eagle and we think hes beautiful.
I'm only just starting to feel Christmasy, spent today icing 4 Christmas cakes, making 6 jars of pepper chutney, putting pretty fabric lids on 12 jars of marmalade (which the second batch worked out fine in the end - re last post!) I still have 3 pairs of shoe and a jacket to finish before next week but im getting there! cant wait to finish all this Christmas stuff so I can get on with some art pieces on my mind! oh to much to do to little time! Its all good &  I wouldnt have it any other way!
happy making and doing!


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