20 Apr 2010

Another inspirational mosaic

1. ravn kolorert, 2. Nelson. 006, 3. early spring 2010 no. 1, 4. Untitled, 5. sketchbook, 6. Victor, 7. stuffed owls, 8. Owl-Howl-2, 9. The Things They Carried, 10. Folding booklets, 11. Untitled, 12. capillaire de montpellier, 13. Frida-rosa-3, 14. couples97, 15. Untitled Embroidery, 16. Untitled Embroidery close up, 17. Kiss, 18. sketchbook, 19. deatil, 20. a story in a spring mist, 21. band aid, 22. Taking Hope for a walk..., 23. Forever, 24. Collage 04-06-10 A, 25. Untitled, 26. Little White Bird -  Birdcage Sculpture I, 27. Mini Owls Doodles, 28. Vincent: Woods wise 2, 29. Native Vermont: Two Hoots, 30. Renee Seaman, 31. Untitled, 32. Barn Owl 280210, 33. sing, 34. awoee., 35. Ascending (blue), 36. april 2

Another selection of wonderful work by my fabulous flickr friends.
Thank you all for sharing

The Easter holidays are over now! everyone back to school and work and Im procrastinating!
only a few days out of the routine and thats enough to throw me!
I have a few half finished bits on the go and a few drawings ready to start translating into thread but need to just get started!!!!

I'm also very inspired to start some more dying! ordered some ferrous sulphate (iron) to mordant some bits and see what that does to the colors I hear it darkens the shades you can achieve, I have a long list of things to collect to dye with and this time im going to try dying some yarn and thread as well as fabric.
I will post in more detail once I'm ready to start some off and have some images of process! I'm sure some of you experiences natural dyers out there will be able to offer me lots of advice xx

for now xx
have a lovely (plane free sky if your in Europe) day xxx


  1. thank you again, Jenny !
    I can't wait to see what you'll be dyeing with & what you'll make with the dyed matyrials ! :)

  2. Jenny, your blog is stunning. Love everything!

    Just popped by to say "hello"
    Have a good week

  3. Thank you for including my booklets... - wonderful selection...!

  4. Nice mosaic! Some really beautiful things in there. Very inspiring indeed :-)

  5. thanks everyone for your kind comments xxx


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