28 May 2010

summer evening visitors

A few more bird embroideries popped out of me today, a new chaffinch, a Long tailed tit and a house sparrow.
I thought that was it for today but early evening my hubby, son & I went for a walk by the canal, there was loads of swallow action over the water, diving and swooping really fast to catch the bugs! Joe said they looked like X-Wing fighters! so we all made starwars noises as a soundtrack to their busy hunting! When I got home I was inspired to add some summer visitors to me garden bird collection.
I have been very short of the color brown for these bird embroideries so the other day I prepared and dyed a few pieces of silk with tea & coffee! the tea on Iron mordanted silk produced the dark gray you can see on the flying swallow above! and on alum mordented silk tea made a kind of weak tea color!! the coffee on iron mordented silk made green!such fun
Its half term here this coming week so not sure how much time Ill have in studio but have ever intention to carry on making a few more garden birds!
have a wonderful weekend everyone xxx


  1. Gosh, I sooo love your work. Lovely! And, your inspiration mosaics are wonderful.... look forward to sending eager students here for inspiration.
    Thanks and blessings from the forest.

  2. Beautiful. Interesting how the mordant changes the colours too.

  3. your birds are so lovely! you really capture the movement as well. very organic!


  4. That guy on the wire looks very determined, I love the delicacy and humor together, remarkable.

  5. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for your good wishes.
    I'm so looking forward to the half term break but not sure I will get much stitching done.
    Beautiful swallows,they tell us summer is here.

  6. really love your creations about birds!! can never get enough of them :)

  7. Thanks everyone for you continued enthusiasm and support! I almost wish i could get over the bird thing but it seems to be here for a while longer!!!
    just read a lovely poem about swallows by Robert Louis Stevenson! think there's an idea brewing!!!

  8. Jenny,
    The swallows are so beautiful. They are one of my passions. Don't ever get over 'the bird thing' - it's a rich seam and you're making it sing. Lesley


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