13 Jun 2010

online E-course !

Im very excited Ive signed up for the fabulous Amelia Critchlows experimental on line E- course! starts tomorrow.
I really love Amelia's work and blog- http://101birdtales.blogspot.com/
I want to change direction a bit and am finding Im stuck in mental hole, I love the work I make but cant find a new path to follow, Im hoping a bit of directed freedom and experimenting may reconecct so loose brain wires!! there are still places if anyone else fancies it go have a look.

I have some bubbling pots of lovelyness on the hob today! some violets, Marigolds and avocado skins!
  Ive cold dyed some more silks with a bit of the liquor from these and am boiling up some fleece's to see what lovely colors I can get. I will post some pics later when they out and dry.
Im off now to see a friends studio on an open studio trail, Im bribing the children with promise of an icecream by the river later ! 


  1. hi Jenny from a fellow summer experimenter.
    see you in class!
    p.s. your work is stunning... just adore your bird creations.
    ginny x

  2. super Ginny! look forward to experimenting with you xxx

  3. That flower-soup looks wonderful... has it been you who inspired me to try avocado skin (can´t rember where I saw it...) - the bright pink result came as surprise (blogged today...)

  4. wow Bright pink!? I have got another browny grey from mine today, worked well on silk and the fleeces, a good rock color!

  5. Wow, I've always wanted to make my own dyes but have never been sure how to. I hope you had good results.

    p.s I'm on the experimental art e-course too.

  6. I hope you have as much fun as I did on the E-course. It made me open all those pots and tubes that had been gathering dust on my shelf!
    Happy playing!!


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