14 Aug 2010

Tragic beauty

I have a lovely new follower bluesky butterfly studio she has a  wonderful blog and  Ive just been having a look around , go a check it out, her work is fab!!! here's just a little bit of her lovelyness
Apollo Butterflies.
By Kate Kelleher.
Gold leaf, metal particles and oil paint on board.
123 x 94cm.
© Kate Kelleher 2010
One of her posts in particular drew me in, briefly the story is that in 2008 a fire tore through Deyrolle an entomology and taxidermy shop in Paris. Since 1831 Deyrolle had been collecting specimens worldwide. Thousands of butterflies, minerals, rare insects and stuffed animals were all destroyed.  The owner commissioned artists and photographers to document the still remains.Here are a few images do follow the links as some of the images are amazing, tragically beautiful.
Thanks so much to Kate at  bluesky butterfly studio for sharing!
 more of Martin D'orgeval's Touche par le feu here.


  1. oh wow, what an amazing artist ! thank you so much for sharing the link to her blog ! :) have a wonderful weekend, Jenny ! xoxo

  2. Brilliant story..thanks for the pointer to 'Bluesky's' blog ;)

  3. Jenny, I am really touched that you posted about me and the amazing work of Martin D'orgeval. I also have some new followers to welcome to my blog. Thank you! I was just looking back at your blog over the last year, I didn't realise you made dolls, I think they are wonderful! I have also enjoyed your dying diaries as this is not something I have ever attempted but I am very interested in. (esp the rust, as I am a little addicted to it myself, hence my painting above.) Thanks for all the interesting thoughts, I shall go away and process them!

  4. this brought back some memories. almost 30 years ago my soon to be hubby bought out a butterfly jewlery business. i recieved in the mail over 5o different items with beautiful butterfly wings in them. i still have a piece or two today. i must admit i always wonder where did those butterfly wings come from? how many butterflies had to die.yet the colors were incredible.

  5. beautiful work and an amazing story and photos......thanks for sharing that


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