30 Nov 2010

long time no blog

Hi all, it feels like ages!
I have been so busy with my other business venture- Cinnamon girl prints
its only been 2 weeks but loads of sales and big orders!!! all good but I need to keep the balance between my art work and my business design and production work!

I have more moth ideas brewing, I visited my 3rd trade show of the year The Knitting & stitching show in Harrogate, another great mix of trade stalls and exhibitions of amazing textiles work

I went with no money what so ever! and that was quite liberating, instead of desperate searching for a bargin, I could take in the event as a whole! 
the exhibitions were fantastic, all very innovative and interesting displays, I was particularly drawn to smallCHAT a group show in which all the work was so beautifully dislpayed and so complimantary to each other, I loves Helen O' Learys very much , and found links to my work with the rust stains and fragile fabrics....it driven me to want to continue with the moth dress idea and play with making the paper maps into dresses and have the moths flying out ! there was also some amazing graduate work there, cant find links to any of it online...one lady had done some amazing paper lace work, Id love to tell you who it was but i cant remember or find the bit of paper I wrote down here name!!!!!

Helen O'Leary

With Christmas coming around fast the time is just disappearing! very scary, Im having a final push for the new shop this week then I have Christmas cards to make for our friend and family! much knitting to do ( many new babys appearing!) and much other Christmas crafting for gifts.....when I will find the time to do any work on my moth ideas I just dont know,but I will try very hard .


  1. Hey jenny, attending trade shows, must be very inspiring.
    Very brave of you not to take any money, but I can understand how you would find it liberating. Bet you came up away full of ideas and motivation.
    Love the idea of map dresses and moths.
    Great to hear that Cinnamon Girl has been so well received.

  2. Merry Christmas to you & yours, sweet friend
    I hope you're having safe & happy celebrations !


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