12 Nov 2010

Quick plug!

just a very quick plug for my new shop
Its now open!!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/cinnamongirlprints do go and have a look
heres a quick peek at some of the things you will find there.
also take a look at my other blog dedicated to the print work http://cinnamongirlprints.blogspot.com/
apologies if you have been waiting for the next interview I promise it will be up this weekend now!!!!


  1. and YAY I'm happy I managed to get something I was covetting ! COngratulations on the opening ! May it be a flourishing adventure !

  2. these look truly gorgeous! I am hopping over to have a look :)


  3. Hey jenny, just love what you have done with your postcards, they look fantastic.
    A little bit of a bygone era with a modern twist.
    Love the frayed edges.

  4. Very inspiring again
    Just read on my lunchbreak with soup
    would you be willing to add in a question about how an artist supports themselves financially - whether it's through their work or through a day job. Or is that too offensive?


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