13 Jan 2012

The Hawk Garden

Last christmas we got my eldest a falconary experience for her gift. it wasnt till May that she used it, but it has been the start of something great for all of us.
Jim Brown the falconer is wonderful, he is so open and giving with his time and expertise, he is very patient and understanding with Jess. After the first few sessions which were the gift, we have started going on a weekly basis for private lessons and also help out feeding the birds when Jim is busy away from them for the day.
I absolotely love going to see the birds, they are magnificent! such power and grace to see them fly, even just going to feed them is an experience and a privilege. They all have their own personalities and definatly get to know you and respond to you behviour and calls.

Jesses training really needs to be pushed on now as the season if coming up fast where Jim will display lots and give people bird experiences and I know he wants Jess trained up ready to help!
In the next few weeks we will be bringing home Sparky the kestrel to have a sleepover! to give Jes full responsibilty of a bird and to get sparky very happy around people ready to be used in shows. We are all very excited about this and cant wait to bring him home! (photos will follow Im sure!)

The photos above are of Jess and Jim in the summer, and the very top row is the amazing european eagle owl Morvan! from a hatching egg to a nearly fully grown owl! she is amazing and secretly my favorite! even though I love them all, it has just been amazing to see her hatch and grow from a fluff ball into a massive imposing owl!  shes such a softie thought and I cant wait to see Jess fly her in the spring !

The reason Im telling you all this is because its a big part of of lives now and because my next bit of work will be Owls and Hawks!!!! Just because I love them but with this privileged access I think I really must. To begin with Im working of a very simple 2 color print of an eagle owl to become a stuffie like my pigeon and to go on tote bags etc, Im also working on a little owl and a Kestrel in the same style and Im sure more will follow, I think even a collection of british owls and hawks in a must!
Im nearly ready to make the first owl screen so by next week I should have something to share.

much more to tell you but for now
xxx Jenny


  1. Jenny these photos are superb and its lovely to hear your wonder and excitement. Wow, how will you stop the fine creature from flying away?
    PS I also love your heading: really lively and FRE..EEEE!

  2. Thanks Ruth! I to always wondered about the bird flying away but its just the opposite! they are captive bread birds so the have imprinted on humans and instead of fly away they wont leave you alone, they follow the falconer everywhere when out and/or keep an eye on him from a distance, they dont want to loose him! Its a joy to see Jess working with Jim!

  3. ooooh this is all so exciting !!
    I also love your new banner, so expressive & spontaneous !
    I am seriously looking forward to all your new work & creations !!


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