2 May 2013

Create kits by Coo & co

Oh now Im very excited about these little beauties!
For ages Ive been wanting to make little kits - I love the idea of people making their own little fabric sculptures out of vintage fabrics and I really loved the idea of them making them out of Coo & co fabrics!
Well when Arteria in Lancaster asked me to come up with a new idea for their Mums that make exhibition I Knew the time was right!
I hasnt been an easy task by any means - very hard to get a simple but effective pattern designed- good bird shape but not so many pattern pieces that would  put people off- I think I have got the balance right, you can make the project as simple or as complicated as you like- with extra embellishments and embroidered details.
The kits will come with 2 pieces of fabric printed with the template, 2 pieces of wire for the legs, leather for the beaks and a paper instructions sheet- you can make 2 birds out of one kit! super
I have also designed a moth kit- thats nearly ready to go- all will be launched 10th May in time for the Mums that make show!
very cute and great fun! I now want to make a whole flock of little birds to show off what can be done xxxxx


  1. How wonderful ! And I love how it looks even before being cut !!
    Well done again, my friend !

  2. I know - I love the uncut piece too! they are so cute- I cant stop making them up just for fun!!!xxx


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