26 Feb 2010

Friday Drawing upload

Here is this weeks installment of my now weekly drawing project!
Its really lightened my load to not be worring about a drawing a day, this week Ive wanted to do lots of sewing and its been fun to just sew and not feel guilty for using my time the way I want!

Seems really silly to get stressed about somthing so lovely as creating, but when you have very little time to create it does get difficult spreading your time over all the different activities I like to do!
Im hoping that some weeks many drawings will naturally acure and other weeks one will do nicely.

The feather is something Ive been wanting to draw and sew for a while, maybe its lite relief from my people obsessed other drawings or maybe its about looking closely and working out from there, I keep thinking about wings now and how the would really attach to a human body??? maybe that's the next drawing?


  1. I get stressed out by my blog/project almost every day! I know I shouldn't but, I am so busy with work that it's hard to find a small window of time to make something, anything, a quick drawing, painting, take a picture etc... I often find my self racing against the clock to have an entry a day since that's my goal.
    Oh and by the way... nice feather.

  2. Im sorry to hear you get stressed out too but Im glad to hear it not just me!!!
    keep up your posts if you can xx


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