28 Feb 2010

she going to a new home

Do you remember Roberta? well shes going to a new home!
For a long time I  wasnt sure weather I wanted to sell her, I really liked her but also lacked confidence in whether anyone would want her.......but Im running out of room in my studio corner and during yet another reshuffle and with nowhere left to put her I decided she needed a better home than I could offer her.
I put her in my etsy shop not really sure if there would be any interest .........less than an hour later she was sold and is flying as we speak to her new home in Australia !!!!!!
I couldn't believe how fast she went!
I made a special box for her to travel in, to protect her and maybe for display in on arrival, wrapped her in tissue and tied the box shut. I wrapped the whole thing in loads of bubble wrap and parcel paper and she was ready to go! (my son took the photo fo the parcel ready to go!)
I really hope she gets there safely and her new family enjoy her !


  1. Wow that's great news, well done! Do you manage to sell quite a bit on folksy/etsy? Is one better than the other? Hope you don't mind me asking, I will take the plunge and set one up eventually, but I'm having a bit of confidence crisis about anything will sell, so I know what you mean about Roberta.

  2. thanks guys!
    Lou I have found etsy to be better than folksy, there so much more traffic through etsy so just statistically your more likely to sell, I have sold a few christmas cards through folksy but since then no traffic at all!
    watch your pricing with etsy though it works in us $ so price for £ first and use a conversion site to work out the best US $ price , I made the mistake of guessing at first and was always disappointed with what it worked out once back in £s , that's my only bit of advise! oh also listing on a Friday is a good idea so your item is high on the weekend list! more people to see it first!
    you should do it your stuff is great!!! xxx

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence Jenny! I do need to sort myself out I think. I was going to post stuff on Folksy, but now I think may give Etsy a whirl after all. I figured the traffic would be higher through Etsy. Thanks for the pricing info, and the Friday tip! xx


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