1 Mar 2010

Yarn pots

This weekend as well as it being our 13th wedding anniversary! I got on with a little project I ve had in mind for a while.
Small cloth storage pots for any use but I really need some for yarn storage! I always seem to have several knitting projects on the go and storing them all becomes difficult, I like the idea of having a few different sizes of these cloth pots to store the yarn, needles and working project in while on the go.

I am going to make a few more today and put them in my shop.
amusing moments where 2 grown ups are trying to remember how to work out the circumfrence of a circle!!! "isnt it pi X something??" but we got there in the end.

Im loving the feather embroidery, Oh i made a brooch as well, must photograph that!!
pip pip  for now xxx


  1. I really like your yarn pots, and agree about the feather embroidery, very nice.

  2. These are so beautiful! Congrats to you for getting things done on the weekend!


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