24 Mar 2010

weekly drawing 21th march

Late as usual!
This weeks drawing has come from my new found love of the BBC drama Upstairs Downstairs! originally shown in the early 1970s its set during and after the first world war in a large Edwardian house in london and revolves around the lives and dramas of both the wealthy upstairs family and the servants downstairs.
The look of it is BBC period lovelyness, the costumes a just fabulous and the wonderful RP voices are simply divine darling. It all very quite and theres no background music, I have found the few episodes I watched so far just mesmerizing.
I love a good domestic drama and the up tight englishness of this is really setting some crazy bird lady narrtive off in my brain!
I have started making a new doll and now my mission is to dress her 1915 style like a lady from this show. I also love the maids outfits so plan to work on a few maid/nurse dolls.
cheery oh for now old chums


  1. I loved Upstairs Downstairs - watched the show many years ago. Looking forward to your dolls.

  2. They are quiet aren't they.... makes you realise how much music & background noise we have in TV shows today. I was enjoying these re-runs just before Christmas. Bring on the 1915 lady!

  3. Ha ha! Me and my sister went through an obsessive stage of watching this all through the summer holidays years ago- it was great, all the intrigue and gossip! Have you seen Gosford Park? You would absolutely love that, like Upstairs Downstairs but with a much bigger budget, It's one of my favourite films. The drawing is great, reminds mw of the programme!

  4. bring back old fashioned telly series..one of my favorites is House Of Eliott..looking forward to seeing your new dolls xx

  5. Just popped over from your flickr to say BRAVO!! I really love your style, your palette... Just lovely work!! You have a new fan across the big pond - & thanks for sharing! ;0}

  6. Thanks everyone ,great to know Im not alone in the enjoying of Upstairs Downstairs!
    Lou Ive got myself a copy of Gosford park! plans to watch tonight if I get time, thanks for tip x
    Dolls parts are all sewn and need stuffing and constructing will post tomorrow if there's any progress xx

  7. I've got to find a way to watch it! Gosford park is also one of my favorite things:)


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