27 Mar 2010

Gosford park drawing!

On the recommendation of my lovely blogging friends I brought a copy of Gosford park yesterday.
I loved it ! whilst watching I put pen to paper and let it flit about, above is the results.
Bearing in mind I want to make some dolls based around this era and style I think thats where my mind was going as I drew.
I have plans to make a lady and a maid as an experiment and see where it leads.
Their body parts are lying on my desk as I type and hopefully this evening will become whole!!!
Its been so lovely to discover Im not alone in my enjoyment of Upstairs Downstairs! more to come for me as it repeated every weekday on TV! maybe a DVD box set will have to be purchased as well!!


  1. Oh wow, brilliant! Glad you enjoyed it, I think it won an oscar for costume or set design, it's really evocative of the era. Looking forward to seeing the dolls!

  2. looking forward to the output :D

  3. What a delicious page. I can't wait to see your dolls:)


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