30 Mar 2010

upstairs downstairs dolls

So here they are, not quite finished but I wanted to share as a WIP with you all!
I started with these sketches and a wanted to try a new head shape for the doll pattern I like to use.
Ive still got to finish her legs, paint on some tights and shoes. I like the dress but next time will use a lighter fabric, it hasnt quite achieved the floaty feel i wanted, but still gives her the look I was after.
the maid is only a head so far but you get the idea, she will have a long black dress with white apron.

I have named them Miss Imelda and her maid (the maids name is Jill)
I imagine they are getting ready for afternoon tea, with some elderly lady reletives!
more to come soon, I will finish them over the next few days and try to get better photos when the light is good. a few more photos on my flickr page
Im not sure about the faces I think they are lacking something but not sure what, I will be making some more with different head style as well this week , keep playing till Im happy


  1. Miss Imelda looks a little crotchety. Glad I'm not the sweethearted Jill (it's in her mouth, I can tell she's a poppet -and not just a cloth one :)


  2. absolutely I imagine Miss Imelda isnt very pleasant to Jill at all,poor dear !

  3. too cute! i luv jill's hat in particular :))

  4. These are super Jenny!Yes, there is a cold glint in Miss Imelda eye. They could definitely step onto the Gosford Park film set!

  5. They're great! I thought Miss Imelda looked quite stern, a lady who knows what she wants and usually gets it, I think Jill would have her work cut out! I love the green beads though!


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