1 Apr 2010

Dolls heads

I'm still working on some more dolls, really not sure about the heads of Imelda and Jill, they seem a bit to twee to me, by that I mean too doll like and I think the look  I'm after is kind of 3D drawings rather than the cute dolly look.
Above is a variation on Roberta's face, the doll from a while back, Ive just made the nose a bit more 3D and Im quite liking it.
I want to make a feather hat and maybe feather shawl/wings for this next doll. may just have to make a few more faces first to get it right.
Easter Holidays start tomorrow for my children so today is my last precious quite time, Im sure Ill find lots of slots to make over the hols but it certainly wont be quite! wish me luck xxx


  1. Best of luck, Hope you and the children get some fun expeditions in.


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