29 Apr 2010

Im in print!!

I feel a little shy about this but Im in print!! a tutorial about my owl brooches.
I feel a little funny about it because Im not sure tutorials are the right thing to do ( feels like trade secrets) but then I like the fact people may be inspired to have a go . I am really pleased to see my stuff in a magazine. My mum is very pleased and thats a great thing!!
Sew hip is a UK based magazine full of craft projects on the shelves in most good news agents!
Ive been working hard on some more of the hooped ladies over the last few days, I will post some pics tomorrow  xxxx


  1. This is fantastic. Wish I could get a copy of the magazine. I am so glad to find your blog and i'm sure it does feel a bit funny to give out your 'secrets'... however, I'm sure most everyone will appreciate it and make their own style! I'm excited to win your giveaway and can't wait to have a piece of your lovely artwork! Jamie V in MT

  2. Wow, how exciting, well done! I know what you mean about trade secrets, but hopefully some people might decide they'd rather just buy one from you than make one! It's still great publicity.x

  3. Congratulations! but don't share all your secrets ;)

  4. hi Jenny
    oh isn't it awesome, I'm so happy for you !! Congrats !
    I totally understand though your hesitation or wondering about sharing your process. A real dilemna for sure.
    xoxo have a great weekend ahead !

  5. Thanks guys! glad to hear Im not being weird when i worry about tutorials. Ive just been offered another opportunity and im really reluctant....maybe I need to think of a tutorial for something not so precious to me, something more generic????oh I dont know maybe I should just not worry and share the love!!! xxx

  6. Well, congratulations from me again :-) On the subject of tutorials, I just posted my first tutorial on my blog yesterday. It's a technique rather than a 'project' so yes, I don't feel so precious about it. I'm interested to see if anyone has a go at it, and to see what they make. It might well turn out better than mine, which is a slight worry! If people are determined and experienced enough, they'll usually be able to work out how to do something by looking at it, so I didn't really worry about giving anything away. You just have to do what's best for you, I guess. Good luck!

  7. Thanks Kaye, your very right about people working it out as I do that all the time! I shall come take a look at your tutorial right away xxx

  8. Congratulations! Your brooches look lovely in print! I think that choosing which parts of our processes to share is very personal, and that it's important to follow your gut. When it feels comfortable to share something, then by all means! But I think that it's important to listen to, and heed those feelings of discomfort too.


  9. COngrats - it must be an amazing feeling to see your work in a magazine! I can see what you mean about tutorials, especially when your work is quite distinctive - but what a buzz if you happened across someone wearing your stuff they made themselves! (autograph oportunity!)


  10. well done you! Always a real boost!

    ooooh and just noticed the blog link on the left! Thank you.


  11. The spread looks fab Jenny! I will see if I can find a copy. Don't worry about giving secrets away, no one else will manage an exact copy. Personal flair plays such a big part too and you have your own unique style ;)

    re: Annie Hutchinson Owl:
    I was soooooo tempted to bring the owl home with me. He/She's wearing tiny red shoes too...
    I'd love to see your interpretation of an owl in smocking!

  12. Jenny,
    I understand your dilemma completely. How exciting that a recognised magazine admires your work and wants to show it to a wider audience but there is the danger that your 'intellectual property' might be compromised. I agree with other comments and believe that only a handful of people will even attempt to make a similar brooch. I hope what it will do is lead more people to your blog to then get into your work that way. We all look at work and say 'how's that done?' We go off and make similar things and try to put our own stamp on it. What we'll never do is make a beautiful series of work like you have done that stands alone. Nobody can take that creative style away from you. Lesley


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