3 May 2010

Hooped Ladies & muchos thanks x

Firstly thanks you so much for all your kind, supportive and encouraging comment to the last post!
I really appreciate it and it has helped me to place some of the uneasy feelings I was having about writing tutorials. I love this wonderful Blogging community ! xx

As promised I wanted to share some of this things Ive been working on all last week.
Continuing with the hooped ladies with owls I wanted to return to my old interest of using old photographs as the starting point for a piece. I had a few gems for a recent carboot sale which were perfect subject for what I wanted to try.
I loved their poses and expressions, also the black dresses is a look I wanted to try as a hooped lady!
Im really pleased with their stern, formal looks! and I love the lace details ( Ive been holding that bit of old nighty for ages ready for a project just like this!!)
I think Ive worked through my 'hooped lady with owl' obsession for this week! I am feeling the need for a bit more texture going on and some slow stitching. I really want to start a patchwork quilt (just for me and our bed because we need one in the winter) so I  am thinking I will combine that desire along with all the new dyed samples I have been making and try a few samplers ideas, trying out some patchwork, layering, slow stiches and machine embroidery.....well thats what Im thinking...not sure what will appear.

Its been a bank holiday in the UK today and we had a very succesful day at a carboot sale, selling ( & trying not to buy to much!) we made a huge amount of money for us, selling stuff that would otherwise have just gone to the charity shop. the princely sum of £70 is going to start our new tent fund! ready for some outdoor fun in the summer.....I picked up some lovely bits of printed stuff, a great music score from the 1940s, 1001 patchwork patterns! and an amazing book entitled "Enquire within upon everything" printed in 1870!!! I shall scan some very soon its fab.

Hope your weeks have all started well
xx jenny


  1. Hello - your magazine article is lovely - thankyou for sharing your ideas - I think it is a really good thing to do. I found Enquire Within at a Car boot too - it is a fascinating book - from the cover to the contents!

  2. Enquire within about everything? Early adopter Western buddhists?

    I'm all agog.

  3. how funny we have found and picked up the same book!!! I imagine it must have been a housewife's must have in 1870!I love that every page has a short line at the top, such as " use a book as a bee does a flower" & "excess calls in the doctor" !! love it I think I will use some of these phrases in my new textile works!!!!
    oh just found another great one " A duel is folly playing at murder"! wow -My new bible! xx

  4. It's wonderful to see how you take a photo and make it into a work of art! I am pleased to say I received your giveaway piece today and I am thrilled! It will hang in a place of honor in my studio/bedroom. It has inspired a whole new design element and color scheme for my room! Thank you again! I love it! Jamie V in MT

  5. Great, so glad it has arrived safely!!! really pleased you like it xxxx

  6. I love the hooped ladies with owls - and that you saved a bit of nightdress for just the right project - it is just so hard to throw anything away no matter how small incase it has some potential use in the future!



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