27 Jun 2010

mono printing & woolfesting

once again sorry for the lack of posts.
I cant believe a whole week has gone by.
Its been birthdays and family visits here so busy busy
right where to begin........
ok my on line art course is still ongoing, super assinments in free drawing and such to loosen us all up last week, my sketch book pages from the course are posted on my flickr page, looking forward to more tasks this coming week.
for my work this week I wanted to work with the collaged drawing ideas further and made a load of small square pages to draw on ready to make a little book, no images of those yet as I got distracted by another idea. Once deciding I wanted to make a book I remebered all the little mono print books I made in foundation at art college (17 years ago now!!) so I got out my glass and ink and started ......there was no stopping me and out poured about 8 drawings I was happy with and a few more that didnt quite work for what ever reason, I will make up the book tommorw but for now here are some of the workings.
Just loved the plate as well before I washed it, all the layers on top of each other.
I will post the finished book and all the drawings tomorrow.
Also this week has been the Woolfest in Cockermouth in Cumbria , My mum came up to go with me as a birthday treat! it was so very fabulous!!!! over whelmingly full of things to inspire, a real visual treat, colors and textures everywhere.
 and for me and my color aversion, a grey stall !!
Mum lives near a farm and brought with her 2 fleeces!!! we also were hoping to and did get some raw fleeces from the woolfest- One Bluefaced Leicester and one Mohair!!! ( mum brought up two texels)
I have spent all afternoon sorting out the fleeces and washing! sorting out the worst pooy bits and soaking to make fertlizer and washing the rest to dye!!!
I picked up loads of packets of exciting new dried things to dye with as well and some silk tops and silk carrier rods, my plan is to dye all this stuff exciting shades and put together inspiration packs of silks and fleeces and yarns to sell to textile artists as well as use myself ! but this is just the start.......watch this space.
Ok after a weeks silence I think thats enough to be getting on with. hope to post very soon with finished book images xxxx


  1. Hi Jenny
    The woolfest looked amazing.
    I would't know which colour to choose - all so lovely.

    You're so clever dying and spinning/carding the wool yourself.

    I look forward to seeing these on a future post.

    Please do come and visit me one day and I'll get out my prettiest teacups and make you very welcome!

  2. Very inspiring, I needed the lift of looking at this post. Beautiful journeys!


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