20 Jun 2010

a bit of flickr frenzy

I have had a flickr frenzy for an image I created yesturday! never happen before that an image has spread so quickly! was even on the front page !
it came out on an assignment from the experimental art course Im doing, Amelia asked us to play with paper, cutting and constructing and of course I had to use my vintage book pages, she showed some examples and this is what came from me. I know its not a new idea and Ive seen things like this before but I love how effective it is!I must try some more little scenarios out . might make a nice little series of greeting/postcards ??
a few more drawings appeared as well and I started preparing some pages for a little art book idea, I will share tomorrow if it gets any further along.


  1. loving your work here Jenny and how fundamentally brilliant and encouraging is that that you were featured on the front page of flickr??!!!

    Your work here is lovely and the shot is brilliant - I think this is such a great testament to the fab work you and others are doing!

    I'm going to do a little post about it on the blog - do you mind if I use the image there? Want to maximise how exciting a journey into art can be and such confirmation of it all by this happening!

    I'm really thrilled!


  2. Thanks Amelia, I never really realised how global flickr could be, always thought of it as me and a small artist community sharing and encouraging but this is so strange! so much attention so very quickly.
    Ive put a link under photo now to course as well to send some attention your way!
    I really must try some more ideas like it out and make a little series, seeing as it so popular!
    thanks for your support and encouragement!
    of course you can use image in blog. xx jenny

  3. Oh wow! Congratulations I'm so pleased you made flickr front page and rightly so! Your work is going from strength to strength and this course is so great for you! If it runs again next year I think I may sign up

    Have a good week Jenny
    Carolyn x

  4. Thanks Carolyn, its so strange after a huge wobble only a few days ago, I do really feel fired up again! maybe it takes being really down to enjoy the highs again! Amelia's course is great, nice to have some mini briefs to complete without fear.
    as I thought one just has to get messy with materials and stop worrying about the final piece!
    hope you are feeling well
    thanks for you kind words as ever x jenny

  5. I love the birds drawing, collage and the first one of course as well.
    In the last two the vintage paper seems to be places a bit too randomly I think..

  6. Thanks Do, in these pieces Im just experimenting by not starting with a blank white page, I make a load of collages and then see what i want to draw on them, sometimes the placing of the drawing just works and other times your right I become questionable. I shall continue playing and see if method to the madness develops, thanks as always for your feedback xxx

  7. glad you are feeling better about your work - and ploughed on.......I really like these pieces you have shown with the book pages and drawings.......simple yet full of emotion

    and congrats on your flickr front page


  8. Hey Jenny, I love your drawings and imagery. Particularly like the use of vintage book pages.

    Always a delight to visit your blog and come away inspired.

  9. like the cut-outs :)
    saw this today and thought of you --- the kind of commsion you ought to be getting :)


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