18 Jun 2010

with help the blues have turned brown!

Thanks so much for all the wonderful wise word from everyone in response to my last post!
when your mid wobble it feels like the end of the world, all it took was a few understanding words and a pencil and I started to feel better almost instantly!
I just opened a sketch book and knew I wanted to draw but the blank page fear was to much to deal with today, so straight away I randomly stuck together some papers down knowing I would draw over them.
then using some collected images I have saved for drawing from I picked the first few faces that jumped out at me and drew away! as soon as pencil started moving it felt good.
a comment was made about starting with the material and not planning the piece to much in my head, I really need to remember that as thats my biggest problem, when I plan to much or think to much I freeze up and get the wobbles! If you just start with a vauge sense of what might happen it easier to enjoy and be surprised by the results!
This is what happened this afternoon
They lead to another piece
I have no idea where any of this is going but thats the point isnt it !!

I still need a bit of time away from the birds but Im not so angry with them now, I do see they are lovely, a few days not making them may help me to love them again.x



  1. I love your sketches! I wish I could draw anything! Hope you pick up momentum now as your work is so lovely


  2. The sketches are great Jenny. You are guilty of the same problem that afflicts lots of us. We need to give ourselves a break and just do what we what when we want to and have confidence in our work. Your work is wonderful and there is a huge range of tone and colour in the sepia/brown palette for you to work with.It's a colour range I love enormously too. Do your own thing and enjoy. Lesley

  3. It was great to read your last 2 posts. "I know!" i cried, "me too!" I answered. "Birds? Exactly. everyone likes them, but that's not me. But what is?" I asked... So i loved seeing what you did next and hearing you process your thoughts.. I've got the day ahead.. I think my mind wobble is settling down. Love ya work..

  4. Really like the textures and the color of the old paper :)


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