16 Jun 2010

we are now a teenager!

I dont usually post about my family but this feels special and they are my biggest creative project ever! so I feel the time has come to share with you!
My beautiful young lady is 13 today!!! seems like only yesterday I was changing nappies now shes all grown up! I made  a little collage with her brother to celebrate and show him how she was little once too!.
It made me cry with happiness just looking through all the beautiful pictures of this wonderful young lady, from her first moments when she popped out all purple &wrinkly to her now purple haired fisty teenagerness! every moment has been a blessing for us, thank you Jesse xx
we also found it very funny to watch Harry Enfield's sketch about turning into a teenager! so very funny but hopefully not to accurate !!!(she says with a slight panicy giggle!!) Joe found it funny but now does keep saying 'you wont turn into Kevin will you Jes?...' I think we really scared him...woops.

On another note Im really enjoying the art e-course Im on, its really liberating to have permission to play and mess! more assignments today!


  1. Happy birthday to her!
    And funny sketch.

  2. Ah, lovely, saw Jesse with her purple hair the other day! Great!
    Love that Harry Enfield sketch, keep wondering if that will happen to sweet Archie one day!


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