15 Jul 2010

Dyeing fleeces

Hi Hi everyone
Ive been very busy and keep putting off posting because I have so much to share and dont know where to start!
ok instead of panicing Im just going to do a few posts in quick succession to bring you ( and me ) upto date.
ok, so, in the background of everything else Ive been doing there has been a lot of boiling of smelling roots and powders going on!
As you know from previous posts I have several fleeces in the house at the moment and more to come form my mums place, loads of different varieties - texel, bluefaced leicester,mohair, alpaca and a few others we dont know the breed of. they are not all good wool sheep but its interesting to learn how to clean a fleece and select good bits of it etc.
Alkanet root
Madder root
Walnut leaves and fresh nuts
Some really interesting smells going on while boiling! yuck yuck yuck, my family not so impressed with this latest activity!
overall the shades arent as bright as I would have hoped but they are interesting , my plan is to put together small inspiration packs to sell to textile artists, bits of fleeces and yarns and silks, I put a few bits in bags to send to mum and they already look like they may be an interesting purchase for someone.
Ok so theres a bit about dyeing later I will post about some more monoprint drawing that has been going on while things boil away! xx jenny


  1. Ooooh, just been having a good catch up! I am so mad I didn't make the effort to get to the woolfest! one day....

    You have been doing some stunning work! have you ever thought of running a one day workshop on natural dying? I for one would be VERY interested! or even a skill share or something...?

    You seen to have regained some mojo - keep up the wonderful work!


  2. Oooh...lovely looking results there Jenny! Looking forward to seeing your dyed items for sale...

  3. oh, I think Blogger just ate my comment - argh! Well anyway, I love the colours and textures of these - proabably well worth the nasty niff! Look forward to seeing the inspiration packs when ready.


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