17 Jul 2010

family groups

ok so still trying to catch up with sharing last weeks work with you!!!

as well as the smelly, boiling vats of fleece there has been some drawing going on.
Im still taken with the mono printing as it really frees up my hand and stops the blank page fear!

Working from old photographs, sometimes straight copies some combinations of different images.
The photos Ive got are from the 1920s and everyone looks so strange, it sets a really interesting state of mind for drawing.

Im really not interested in capturing beautiful people its the unusual that interests me, strange poses out of context ( with these photo all are as I have no concept of the time they are living in) odd groupings of people and or a bird or 2!
Theres a few more on my flickr page if your interested xx

More sewing at the end of the week, just a bit to finish off a couple of brooches, it was nice to get back to a familiar process may have to make a few more of those over weekend.

lastly Im in the process of getting a little interview ready with an interesting artist, I like the idea of trying a monthly interview and sharing.....watch this space xxx


  1. Interesting... it seems obvious they´re inspired by old photos, people had different faces decades back (not strange I think, perhaps more human...)

  2. oh man! i love this! inspiration!


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