11 Oct 2010

experiments with lino!

Ok so Ive been an absent blogger for a week or so! sorry! I have been very busy and also a bit lost...the blues turned a bit black for a few days but Ive managed to shake off that feeling for now!

Ive been playing with lino with some success but mainly fustration! trying to much at once as usual! Ive attempted 3 and 4 color prints wanting that slightly off registration look and playing with more graphical designs! my enemy has been color agian!!! I have been working with tiny old tubes of ink trying to stretch it to far....money alway the issue I cant afford to buy new inks and want to achieve to much from the little I have!!!
Apart from struggling with the colors I cant seem to print them clean! and I dont like that! Im working with out a press just using a barren to rub the backs...works much better when you have enough ink to go around!!!

Ive come to a stand still with it due to frustration! Im hoping to raise some money soon so I can buy inks and better paper and really have a proper go ! Im desperate to use screen printing and work on fabric but again cash will not allow at the present!!! for now I think ill work on some designs and have a load of ideas and motifs ready to go for when I can!!!

(Still trying to decide about a new shop/venture will post more on this very soon- I need advise...)

also a new interview in the pipe line so watch this space xxx


  1. Jenny, I think these are great!
    your images are interesting and the colour one is beautiful - love the combo - and the black, white and grey ones are really good!
    hope you keep at it and let us see what you create

  2. I have been wondering what you have been up to! I really like the colour print you made and I like the style of them all. I think you should think about selling your dolls, if they are not too time consuming. I like the fact they have a story behind them, people buy into this. (I used to be a buyer for Heals, so I have a little experience) have you seen these? http://www.magpiewardrobe.co.uk/fairies.html Good luck and I can't wait to see what you come up with x

  3. I think you must be a bit of a perfectionist because I think they are great! I love the middle one especially. I prefer things that are slightly imperfect xx

  4. Hello Jenny, have not connected with you in a while so thought I would visit your blog. These new linocuts have a lively contemporary feel. Have a good week, best wishes Cathy

  5. Hope things work out for you Jenny, I am sure the printing will happen for you when the time is right. I love your designs already, they will look great on fabric when you are happy with your process

    Best wishes, Carolyn

  6. Hey Jenny, ponder no longer and open that shop. Your prints are wonderful and I particularly love the second one.
    We are our harshest critics at times, sometimes we just need to let go and stop being held back by our own thoughts.

  7. Hey Jenny, thanks for dropping by my blog, lovely to hear from you.
    Not sure if you are into blog awards, I have one I would like to pass onto you, if you are. Email me and I will send the details, enjoy your weekend.

  8. Ah found how to comment. I love all these prints, and every card you have ever made and sent us for birthdays and chrissie and things. Sell to the WI. Target them. They may have dosh. And there's a younger brigade now isn't there? Even the oldies have grandchildren and stuff, so cards should sell like grease lightning. For pin money or getting some squids for inks that might help. The trouble with all us friendly blogging a artists may be that we don't have any dosh. Does ebay work?


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