22 Oct 2010

ideas update

Ok so once again Ive been a bit absent from cyberspace! sorry!
Ive been busy as usual panicing, procrastinating and prattling!!

I have made a few new owl brooches this week, ready for a gallery that has requested some for xmas, also need a few more  in my etsy shop. I enjoyed it very much, I hadnt realised I needed a bit of familiar making...let your hands do the thinking and give the brain a rest!

I wanted to run a few ideas by you guys and get some feedback/tips.

Ive been going on about this new shop idea for a while and I have finally figured out a way to sort it in my mind! Im now thinking about it as a day job! a way of bringing in a bit more income while still being creative, but also leaving my own art practice untouched, so I can continue to experiment and make one off pieces without the worry of whether they will sell.

so here you go......I want to start a new etsy & folksy shop and a new blog dedicated to it called Cinnamon Girl (maybe) and it will be selling hand screen printed homewares, t-shirts and fabric with my simple designs on.....here is a mock up of some of my early design ideas.

what do you think?? I got a few more design ideas but they all follow the same basic idea, tasteful but simple generic images , grasses and herbs etc.
Ive got a few more kooky ideas for kids t-shirts and baby grows but still one color graphicy & tatseful...
Im hoping if they are popular it would fund using screen printing within my own work as its a medium Id love to experiment more with.......
I wonder what you all think about these ideas, Ive saved enough money to buy all the equipment and a few materials to print on , I plan to purchase this all next week!! and teach myself how to expose the screens at home....(I have done this before , but not for a long time and not at home)
Im hoping to open the shop by 6th of November! and book on a few local craft fairs for early December....if nothing else I know my family will love them as xmas presents so in a way that lessens the element of risk!!!
Id love your feedback on these ideas and any tips !!

on another note , I have a great artists interview lined up for posting at the weekend! wonderful work and insightful into how others work....watch this space

xxx jenny


  1. I love them! Go for your dreams!

  2. Definitely sounds like a plan. I would wear that t-shirt for sure. Good luck - look forward to seeing more!

  3. Fantastic, loving your ideas. Fresh, clean crisp design. Sounds like you have thought about it a lot and it will certainly keep you busy in the run up to xmas!!!!

  4. I think the designs are very nice...I'm wondering if screening on a t-shirt up to the hem might be technically challenging? I think I prefer the smaller elements to the larger dandelion heads, just my reaction.

  5. thanks guys! thanks for the tip re printing to the hem ...I shall bear that in mind when playing with designs. great to get feedback and support as usual

  6. sorry for the late reply, Jenny, I had stopped by the other day but got distracted offline, ugh.
    I would definitely buy any of these, I promise. The teeshirt is to die for, and the bags too ! I can't wait to see this new shop of yours ! oxox

  7. That looks lovely!
    Those would be really sellable items.


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