22 Mar 2011

Word bird

A quick update on things - above are some images of the bird I have made for the L.ttle bird exhibition at the dukes in lancaster, a huge flock of handmade birds from all over the country gathered in lancaster to be sold to raise money for women for women a charity supporting women to rebuild their lives after war. I helped hang the show this week and it looks amazing ( images to follow after opening this thursday) I also have a piece of wall based art in the show and I will share images later in week and explain whats behind that piece.
My bird here is made with fabric printed with writings from vintage postcards, she is a word bird!


  1. Hey Jenny, love the word bird, great idea.

    Hope the exhibition raises bucket loads of money for a great cause.

    Look forward to seeing some photos of it.

    Claire :)

  2. She is wonderful. I love that fabric x

  3. word bird is beautiful, can't wait to see the whole flock.

  4. Alison your magpie for the flock is just wonderful! Im going to be bidding for it ! fingers crossed!!
    the whole flock looks amazing in the gallery, I know Georgia will be taking pics but Ill try to get a few and post here as well! x


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