13 Apr 2011

Bird skins fabric

I'm not going to start with my usual apology as its beginning to sound insincere! I will just get straight on with my post xxx
I wanted to share my latest piece of work for which i used my new found skill/interest/business of screen printing.
For the L.ttle bird show Georgia had asked people from all over the country to make 3D bids to join a giant flock, she also needed at shortish notice to cover the walls of the gallery , so drew upon her local artist friends whom she knew had a bird thing going on! I have been playing with this idea for a while drawing the bird skins whilst at various museums so I couldn't resist the opportunity to make a big piece for the show.

Ideas were going all over the place but the idea of a repeated screen print was strong ( I did want to make a garment with the print on but felt I should try to just make a large piece for this show and work on the garment idea latter.)
SO that became my brief  - make a 11ft long piece of printed fabric (Light weight calico), with added the vintage book pages and maps as tags to give a 3D element to the piece (and bring that vintage ephemera look I do so love!)

I installed it by hanging the fabric from a pole and draped it right to the floor, I really love it, its wonderful to see it in a gallery space (don't get that opportunity enough) I have had some lovely feedback so far.
I think once show is finished I will try print on a garment, maybe round the bottom of a skirt or on a scarf??? we will see xx


  1. Oh Wow Jenny I love it! Really love the addition of the tags (I also have a thing about them and use them in some of my necklaces).
    Well done you, you should be really proud.

  2. Oh Jenny, that piece is just brilliant. I love it and it looks so dramatic hanging from the ceiling.

    The tags really up the interest factor. What a job screen printing them, inspirational.

    You never fail to amaze me with your skill and talent, well worth the wait.

    Claire :}

  3. Amazing work! And I would love to have a scarf like that! ;)

  4. Fabulous! And yes the tags work so well!

  5. Jenny,
    This piece is absolutely brilliant. Very clever. I bet it looks great in a gallery setting. Lesley

  6. jenny, this is beautiful... i love the idea with the tags, just wonderful...


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