21 May 2012


Color has long been something I am very frightened of using, fear of getting it wrong. My eyes are naturally drawn to the bieges and taupes of this world and have long dismissed the pinks and purples as silly girly colors.
Lately I have been finding myself drawn to color more and more, still resisting it and keeping my enjoyment of it secret.
Well the time has come to embrace my new interest in color! I have a major project on the go that requires me to use much color and now s the time to learn how!
With much hand holding still required my first attempt at publicly sharing my new color fetish is this digital mood board - created hastily last night as if I was doing something naughty and secret - Im loving it! - there I said it- Long may my interest in colors last.
All I need now is to try creating some new work incorporating these colors- we will see how painful that transition is..........


  1. I knew you had it in you! This is ruddy lovely, Missus! :)
    x x x

  2. still need help mixing these colors in the real world though!!!

  3. very exciting! It's like when we changed our black and white tv for a colour one!

  4. Hi Jenny, this mood board makes me feel so happy. How can you resist colour when it has the power to change emotions? Love the retro, funky colour board..

    1. your so right Carol! and you are a master of color- I should commission you for color training!


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